I construct abstract forms ‘fragments’ to highlight the beauty found in the processes of ageing and decay. The core theme of my work is colour, texture and surface, strongly influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi. I'm interested in the relationship between the natural elements and the man-made, such as that resulting from erosion and human use. Nature has its own way of taking back reclaiming the artificial. It's the meeting of the two I find interesting. I seek out imperfection, in the insignificant and the overlooked, recording marks and surfaces that are in the process of breaking down, ephemeral, in a state of flux.

Working intuitively with print and stitch, marks, textures and colours are exaggerated, intensified to reveal the detail and complexity within the images. Materials are deconstructed using modern methods, ripped, burnt and dyed. Time is invested in their reconstruction; pieces can take from a week to several months to create. Whilst being aesthetically pleasing the work can also act as a metaphor for deterioration and ruin, associated with urban decay and ultimately death and loss. They evolve organically, built up with layers of print, cloth, paper, and stitch into three-dimensional abstract forms that hover between object and image; to create a unique, visual and tactile landscape of form and texture. Challenging traditional understandings of the division between the visible and the unseen.

Susan Hotchkis

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  1. Don Mettler avatar
    Don Mettler Jun 5, 2012

    Where can I see more of your work, so far I like what I see.

  2. Kathryn avatar
    Kathryn Jan 27, 2013

    Susan, this is absolutely exquisite work!  I am in awe of your skill and interpretation.

  3. Susan Hotchkis avatar
    Susan Hotchkis Jan 27, 2013

    Thank you for your lovely comments Kathryn. Im also on facebook. I’ll check out your blog. Sue

  4. Anumita avatar
    Anumita Aug 13, 2013

    You are wonderful!!!! I just love your work and you inspire me. I am writing from Bangalore, India. Anumita

  5. Anumita avatar
    Anumita Aug 13, 2013

    You are wonderful!!!! I just love your work and you inspire me. I am writing from Bangalore, India. Anumita

  6. mary-jane evans avatar
    mary-jane evans Mar 24, 2014

    Hello Susan, I have just been looking at your work and it is quite beautiful.  My work is all about texture, decay and erosion and I can really relate to yours although I work with clay. Mostly porcelain but I also stitch.  Lovely. Your name popped up on twitter as someone I might want to connect with. Kind regards Mary-Jane

  7. Morgan avatar
    Morgan May 20, 2015

    I’m doing a project on you for art

  8. Morgan avatar
    Morgan May 20, 2015

    I’m doing a project on you for art

  9. Karin avatar
    Karin Jan 23, 2016

    Dear Susan - loved your contemporary style of textiles- I am the Programme Officer for Maidstone {Kent} Embroiderers Guild and wondered if you have dates available to do a workshop for us in 2017? Where are you based? {as it may not be viable}. Hope to hear from you soon, Kind Regards, Karin Bucannan

  10. Pam Luke avatar
    Pam Luke Apr 5, 2016

    Stunning!!!! I want to reach through my screen and touch the works! They are so inviting and mysterious.

  11. Anna DeSouza avatar
    Anna DeSouza Feb 9, 2018


    My name is Anna, and I am in my final year of A levels studying Textiles. For my exam prject I am looking at Geology, and I feel that your amazingly textured panels really tie in well with the textures found in rocks and precious stones. I was wondering what kind of processes you use, or if you have any books that you reccomend I look at?

    Thank you for your time,
    Anna DeSouza

  12. Mel avatar
    Mel Apr 9, 2018

    Hi Susan, I am a mature student who has just found my way back to art. I am inspired by your beautiful creations, and I love the abstract and distorted look of your work. I have found a love for art and textiles combined and have chosen this combination for my FMP. You are such an inspiration to me and I can only hope to be as good as you are some day.
    Kind regards Mel

  13. Marjolein Scheers avatar
    Marjolein Scheers May 8, 2018

    Goodmorning,  what a wonderfull   work you make, you make my day !!

  14. Joey Tribbiani avatar
    Joey Tribbiani May 8, 2018

    Actually love your work, writing about your work for our GCSE fragments artist research! Very excited!