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  1. colin avatar
    colin Jul 31, 2013

    Love your excellent,  incredible, inspirational work. Thank you.

  2. Jacq avatar
    Jacq Jun 16, 2014

    Hi Susan
    I was drwn to your work. I too love crumbling buildings, the wild flowers that grow in stone crevaces etc. Alos it seems we are fellow sarnians. Glad to have stumbled across you. Very best of luck with your work

  3. Nina Kentrou avatar
    Nina Kentrou Dec 9, 2014

    Very inspiring work!

  4. Josie avatar
    Josie Dec 30, 2015

    Hello I am merely exploring but I am quite taken by your spontaneity and color splashes that feel so planned and sculpted.

  5. Pauline Cosgrove avatar
    Pauline Cosgrove Feb 14, 2016

    Just love your work - so inspirational.  Well done.

  6. Anita gutkin avatar
    Anita gutkin Feb 26, 2016

    Love it!!!

  7. sonia ashour avatar
    sonia ashour May 21, 2016

    I am an interior designer interested in this piece as well as commissioned work.  Please advise me if this is possible.

  8. Sue waters avatar
    Sue waters Oct 11, 2016

    Fascinated by your work. Do you run any work shops? Or have you written a book?

  9. Josee avatar
    Josee Aug 21, 2017

    Love it

  10. Izzie avatar
    Izzie Oct 1, 2017

    Hi Sue, I absolutely adore your work and as a Textile Design student I find you hugely inspirational. Where are you based? Good luck with all your work.